Managed Funds

Northwest Capital operates a direct management interest and through is global Investment Partners in a broad range of open-ended funds from global Equity and Fund Providers and Private and Public Institutionalised Corporation Equity Funds. Northwest Capital global partner’s managed funds is an umbrella fund with sub-funds investing in debt, deposits, commercial papers, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Technology, Energy, money market securities and/or other instruments, including derivatives.

Funds offered by Northwest Capital partners may be invested in equities, debt securities, money market securities and/or other instruments, including derivatives, each has its specific investment and management policy and features and with different risk profile. Some Northwest Capital partner’s managed funds may be subject to the higher risks of investing in emerging markets which may be more volatile, and due to the risks, investments and fund provision will be in a single or in a limited number of market(s) or sector(s). Current Open funds with Management interests of Northwest Capital investment partners includes but not limited; Asia Pacific Equity Fund & Chinese Equity Fund Via Aberdeen Global; ASEAN Fund, Asia Pacific Dividend Fund & Asian Aggressive Fund Via Fidelity; Asian Tiger Bond Fund by Blackrock; Rosenberg Pacific Ex-Japan Small Cap Alpha Fund by AXA; GSF Global Energy Fund by Investec; Janus Balanced Fund and RHB Bond Fund.CONTACT US


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