Investment Solutions

You may have different financial needs at different stages of your life cycle. It is therefore important one considers any of the following financial planning solutions provided by Northwest Capital Finance.

Global Market Access
You can invest in global financial markets through a single Northwest Capital Funds investment without having to know about the individual markets in detail. An equity unit trust typically invests in the shares of a number of different companies, thus even a small investment will offer you exposure to a wide range of companies and reduces the volatility or risk that comes with buying the shares of just one or two companies. When you invest in a unit trust, a full-time professional fund manager actively manages your money. You may not have the time or the desire to monitor your investments closely, but with a unit trust, a Northwest Capital professional will be watching over them for you. The Minimum Investment amount could be as low as US$10,000.00

This is a financial instrument, note or certificate issued by governmental organization, private company. Purchasing a bond is similar to signing an agreement to lend money to the bond issuer. Bond issuer must pay coupon interest to bondholder according to the terms and condition of this bond. Bond issuer will redeem the bond from issuer on the Bonds maturity date. You can hold the bonds until maturity date, or sell it prior to maturity in the secondary market. We provide financial services to clients in this area by identifying high yielding bonds available in global the market. Investments in Bonds also has associated risks which may include: lack of Liquidity; Exchange rates, Political or Market fluctuation situations, Credit rating and Bond Issue Terms

Global Stocks
Our global Stocks and Stocks Savings plan in Asia gives you peace of mind as you accumulate stocks, without having to worry about market volatility and timing your investments. You don't have to follow the ups and downs of the market. Once you have decided on your monthly investment savings amount, you can forget the rest to Northwest Capital and let our autopay do the rest for you. Investing in Global stocks managed through Northwest Capital is very affordable, flexible and you can start with as low as US$10,000.00

The above information is for reference purpose only and shall not constitute any offer, solicitation, invitation or inducement to buy or sell any investment product or make any investment or any advice or recommendation in any way. All investments involve risks. Customers should understand the characteristics and risks of related products and seek advice from professional advisors before making any investment decision. The above information is subject to change without any notice.

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